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The Church Needs Repentance

Letter to a Newspaper Editor


Now that every newspaper and media outlet has been forced to enter the pornography business.........

On one of the talk shows a couple of nights ago, I watched Robert Schuller, Jr. (the son of the "Crystal Cathedral" minister who is the president's favorite "media evangelist") tell the world that the president is simply:

".....addicted to intimacy with someone other than his wife."

( I HAD to write that one down!)

I've said this before and I'll say it again. For several generations now the very concept of "sin" (universal), "shame" , "guilt" (true moral guilt) has been slowly and gradually 'impeached' and erased from the teachings of the church (in direct contradiction to Scripture). This has not happened overnight. It has been a slow and cancerous "advance". Until.....(ta-dah!), we have religious leaders espousing this type of spiritual banality ("....addicted to intimacy with someone other than his wife....").

The "new age", universalism that is being passed off (and accepted , apparently) as orthodox Christianity by so many these days has effectively neutered and made impotent the truth of the Gospel message. It's called apostasy. It's called heresy. And, unfortunately it reflects the general condition of the church here at the end of the 20th century.

We didn't arrive here in the sewer "just by chance". We elected a president who accurately reflects our will and our values as a society. Democracy is amazing that actually works. We got what we deserve.

This sordid mess is not (primarily) Bill Clinton's "fault". It is not primarily Ken Starr's "fault". It is not primarily the media's "fault".

The church fell asleep in the Light. The church "bought into" the current theological "fashions" and "fads" of the day and consequently has gradually 'morphed' into some bizarre and twisted "neo-pagan/universalism" dressed up in "Biblical sounding" terminology........until......"Voila!", "sin" (in this case, adultery) becomes "addiction to intimacy with someone other than one's wife." Redemption (we are told) can come through some kind of psycho-babble therapy session in which we "share our feelings" and pat each other on the head and make "nice-nice".

The "fault" here lies directly on the doorstep of an impotent church that has been "gutted" by her own apostasy. By trying to "please the world", she has sacrificed the only thing that she has to offer...the Truth. The Truth made flesh. Jesus Christ, crucified, dead, buried and resurrected who came to save Sinners.....not those "addicted" to various and sundry "inappropriate behaviors like 'intimacy with someone other than one's wife'. It took 5 or 6 generations to dig this lurid pit this deep. It has been the church, however, that has dug the hardest and the fastest. The rest of the country and our institutions (political, social and otherwise) have simply followed blindly along behind....carrying the dirt out of the deepening hole that our "new age" and "liberated" clergy keep shoveling behind them.

But every dark cloud has a silver lining....and Hope springs eternal. The darker things this hole gets deeper.......the more apt people will be to detect the Light....the True Light that came into the world..... when they turn and "look up".

(To paraphrase GK Chesterton: Truth is stranger than fiction for we have invented fiction to suit ourselves.)

The darker things get (and they WILL get darker)....the more penetrating the Light will be.

Bill Clinton is not the only one who needs to repent: a confused and impotent church must show the way, for it is she (the Bride of Christ) that has committed the most shocking and damaging adultery of all. It is the church that has been "whoring in the streets". All the rest of this is simply the consequence of that tragic fact.

Dear Lord, forgive us.

Keep up the good work,


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