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Other Christians Stirred To Pray For UMs

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Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2000 4:16 PM
Subject: Moving too fast...

What's happening?

Events are moving faster than I am able to summarize. Prayer requests are flying in several directions. What seems to be happening is that prayer is radiating outward to and from people who have heard about what is happening to United Methodist pastors and churches and have "joined up" (so to speak) to learn more and to pray...even if they are not fully aware of the needs or God's opportunities in this crisis.

For example: A pastor at Sumner, Washington, who is not United Methodist but leads a vital, deeply spiritual congregation, has been following news stories and praying for us along with his congregation as they learn what is happening. He has also rallied his network of evangelical clergy to pray. (WOW--pastors who pray!)

This is happening all around....So many pastors and lay people of other denominations have been in touch to say they are praying for us...and I tell them about United Methodist laity who are testifying boldly and exhorting the church to reclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, confronting even our bishops.

This seems to be the Holy Spirit's "uprising"...stirring and directing people in other communions to pray for us...and thus storming the gates.

I am baffled and amazed. I have NEVER EVER experienced such a surrounding of prayer. It's extraordinary...and inexplicable apart from the breathtaking work of God's Holy Spirit.

When I read Scripture, I know it is biblically "normative" for the Holy Spirit to "breathe" on us...and for Christians to pray for one another...but I am dumbfounded that so much of it is happening right now. "My cup overflows."

The Church Crisis is perhaps more deadly and real than we know. I respect and tremble in fear of it...especially that raging Cal-Nevada brush fire.

Where is Jesus Christ standing?

Gary Starkey

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