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Evangelicals Make Preparations for Dell Trial Next Week

The tickets for the Dell trial along with a indentification ribbon showing you support the evangelical cause are to be picked up at Faith United Methodist Church of Downers Grove. The tickets will be distributed at 7:30 AM each day and shuttle buses will be available to transport you to the site from there. The only people allowed to park at 1st UMC will be the jury and relevant parties to the trial so parking may be very difficult to find.. We have a reserved parking lot about a block away at 1st Baptist Church were the shuttle buses will be parking.

Directions to Faith UMC, 432 59th Street are:

  • From the East West Tollway (I-88)
    When you come to the Downers Grove-Lombard area, exit on Highland Avenue (it is past I-355 if you are coming from Aurora towards the city.) and go south into Downers Grove. Pass Good Samaritan Hospital and then bear slightly to the right onto Main Street, Continue Sound on Main Street to 59th Street. Turn left or East. Go 3/4ths of a mile to Fairview Avenue. The church office phone number is 630-968-0442

  • From the North-South Tollway I-355
    When you come to the Lisle-Downers Grove area exit on Maple. Go East approximately 2 miles and bear right onto 55th street. Go through several stop lights and turn right (south) on Fairview Avenue. Go 1/2 mile and you'll come to the church. Phone number: 630-968-0442

The Reconciling Forces have the park behind the church for their rally and we have the sidewalks around the church for our prayer vigil. There are still some tickets available and if we don't use all of ours, we are supposed to turn them in so anyone else who wants them can get one. Rumor has it that the Reconciling Forces already have all their tickets spoken for. If you can finds others who would like to go, call Royal Speidel at 630-972-1011 for tickets.

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