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Northern Illinois Evangelicals Organize Presence At Gay Wedding Trail

The NICEA group has been meeting to plan a presense at the Dell trial to uphold church covenants and support prosecutor Stephen Williams. Here is a summary of planned activity for Thurs. 3/25, Fri. 3/26 and Sat. 3/27:

Our group has obtained sidewalk permits for all three days and is seeking a park permit for a rally on Saturday. We plan to have a procession of supporters on the sidewalks across from the church (no one is allowed on church property without a ticket to the trial) each morning 8:30-10:30 and evening 4:30-6:30. There will also be a prayer vigil at another church in Downers Grove (Faith UM at 432 59th Street). Faith Church will also serve as a staging area for our group activities. Tickets will be distributed there. People can park there and be shuttled to the trial site (First UM Church 1032 Maple Ave. Downers Grove )

One note on tickets. Even though they can be picked up at Faith Church -- I need an account of who will be there to make sure we have enough and to make special identifiers for people in support of our group. As my previous email stated, if you would like to reserve tickets, email me your name, church affiliation, and phone number by this Friday evening. Thanks.

Roy Hayley

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