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Bishop Makes Sham Of Dell Trial

Dear Editor,

Recent events in the United Methodist Church in the Chicago area are tearing the church to pieces. A renegade pastor who was influential in helping our present Bishop get elected has defide the Church's covenant and collective wisdom and has repeatedly defied the ban on same sex weddings. Bishop Sprague has openly supported his behavior and has recently made a sham of the trial court's ruling that Dell is unappointable to a congregation as long as he persists in his intent to continue the practice of doing weddings for same sex couples.

In response Bishop Sprague has allowed Mr. Dell to remain in the Church home and has helped him arrange for full employment as he continues to have major influence over the life of Broadway United Methodist Church. These actions are causing major damage to the covenant of the Church. A growing number of persons are calling for Bishop's Sprague's resignation. Please observe the attached letter.

Pastors have lost their positions because of their support of Scripture and the Covenant of the Church. Members are leaving in increasing numbers because of the rebellious attitude of both Mr. Dell and Mr. Sprague.

Rev. Carson Daniel Lauffer, recently retired elder in full connection.
110 Lafayette Street
Prophetstown, Illinois  61277

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