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Guilty Pastor To Be Suspended July 1999, Maybe, If?


It was decided by the Trial Court (jury) that Rev. Gregory Dell would have his Elder's orders suspended, beginning 1 July, 1999 until either he submitted a signed document that he would comply to the Book of Discipline's requirements to not perform same-sex covenant ceremonies or the prohibition is lifted by General Conference or Judicial Council action.

The Defense asked for a ruling on the pledge aspect of the penalty.

Bishop Tuell said he had no authority to rule it out of order and that the Trial Court (jury) had the leeway to make such a decision .

The Defense then asked for a stay of penalty because of ministry commitments by Rev. Dell.

Bishop Toole granted a stay of penalty until July 5th, 1999 so that Rev. Dell could perform a heterosexual wedding on July 3rd. A request for one specific October date for another heterosexual wedding was denied.

If what Rev. Dell has proclaimed in the past and at the trial is true, this is not the end of the story.

So, To Be Continued!

Rev. Kent L. Svendsen
Reporting From The Northern Illinois Conference

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