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Canadian Methodists Petition Government To Mandate Homosexual Marriage For Church and State

...One of Canada's major Protestant denominations is calling on that nation's highest court to legalize homosexual "marriage." The United Church of Canada, an amalgamation of Presbyterian and Methodist congregations in that country, is arguably one of the most liberal denominations in North America. The UCC was one of the first churches to ordain homosexual pastors and has now joined with those calling for the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide. Lawyers for the Canadian government have, along with several other groups, gone before the Supreme Court of Canada to get its blessing on a draft bill that redefines marriage to include same-sex couples before bringing the bill before Parliament. Those who oppose homosexual marriage are making their arguments before the court also. According to Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper, one of the questions the Supreme Court justices are considering is whether the nation's churches will remain free to refuse to marry same-sex couples. [Fred Jackson]


Commentary & News Briefs
October 7, 2004
Compiled by Jenni Parker

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