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CA/NEV [Evangelical] Renewal Fellowship Drops The "Evangelical" From Their Name But Not Their Mission

From: Ronald A Greilich greilich21@juno.com
To: jwarrene@surfsouth.com
Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2000 7:04 PM
Subject: Minutes

I think the minutes of our Aug. 21 meeting will show that the evangelical movement in the CA/NV AC is not in "tatters."


August 21, 2000
Modesto, California

The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Robert Kuyper who asked Dr. Edgar Nelson to lead in prayer.

President Kuyper said that we first need to reflect on ERF's purpose in the past. But first he noted a report from Treasurer Peter Cremer that our account now has #1953.73 with a $7.00 check to be deposited for a total of $1960.73.

Ron Greilich shared that in 1993 ERF met twice with George Frazier to go through a process of developing a purpose statement. Included was a series of four value statements that need to read from the bottom up. Copies were passed out. This was reviewed and briefly discussed.

The Evangelical Renewal Fellowship seeks renewal in the United Methodist Church guided by our biblical and Wesleyan heritage.

Renewal of our local churches* the Annual Conference*And the United Methodist Church

3. RESULTANT BENEFIT Renewal * Holiness * Relational * Empowering * Integrity * Honesty * Visionary * Approachable *

2. MINISTRY Supportive * Accountability * Education * Clarifying of Issues * Solution Oriented * Pro-Active * Strategic * Evangelistic

1. FOUNDATIONAL Biblical * Evangelical * Wesleyan * Christ-centered

President Kuyper presented a statement, in the form of an "open letter" prepared by Lin Goodyear.

In the discussion the group of more than twenty concluded that we need to do broaden our base. We need to do a better job of defining who we are and not allow others to define us. We should not give up our theological convictions but at the same time not be a breeding ground for dissent.

Some changes were made to the letter and it is being fine tuned by Vice-President Richard Thompson. The entire letter will be shared later. Only the changes are noted here.

In paragraph four, sentence five the word "all" was inserted between "share" and "our" so that it reads, "...share all our views."

An amendment to the last sentence of paragraph four, after the word "faith:" is added "as contained in the Articles of Religion and Confession of Faithof the United Methodist Church in the Book Of Discipline, such as: followed by several items listed as bullets using the wording in the Articles or Confession. To be added also is the statement found on p.47, paragraph 60, on the close relation between a social gospel and a personal gospel.

After lunch the group considered a change of name. After some discussion the following name was selected:

The Renewal Fellowship within the California/Nevada Annual Conference

It was agreed that the purpose statement above will remain the same except for changing the name so that it will now read:

The Renewal Fellowship within the California/Nevada Annual Conference seeks renewal in the United Methodist Church guided by our biblical and Wesleyan heritage.

There will be a meeting with Bishop Shamana in the first half of October, and probably with the rest of the cabinet. The following persons from the Renewal Fellowship plan to be present:

Bob Kuyper, Richard Thompson, Scott Allred, Chris Gardner, Jan Brim, Randy Andersen, Tom Hill, Tom Weathers, Harry Wood, Lin Goodyear. Judy Robbins and Don Roulsten are alternates, but are likely to be present.

Discussion items were suggested. Begin with prayer for and with the Bishop. Faith Issues, How to deal with this conflicted Annual Conference, How do we work together. All members of The Renewal Fellowship are invited to suggest discussion items and forward them to Bob Kuyper at:


It was moved and passed ti invite Bishop Shamana tospeak once during our winter retreat in Jan. or Feb. and to be present throughout the retreat.

It was moved that we have a "concert of prayer" on the day before the next Order of Elders meeting. This means the "concert of prayer" may be on Nov. 1.

Vacancies in the Leadership Team were filled as follows: (*) indicates a new person.

Tom Weathers - Strawberry *Jan Brim- Tuoloumne-Soulsbyville
Chris Gardner - Chico Bob Kuyper - Bakersfield

Diana Osborne - Bakersfield Richard Thompson - Palo Alto
Barbara Artis - Visalia *Lilia Lopez Karu or *Judy Robbins

Donald Hammond - Palo Alto Randy Andersen - Antioch
(To be filled) Scott Allred - Bakersfield

Bob Kuyper will continue as President, Richard Thompson is Vice-President, Peter Cremer is Treasurer, and Ron Greilich is Administrative Secretary.

The following persons were present:

Lin Goodyear, Howard Pfotzer, Richard Thompson, Donald Hammond, Harry Wood, Melvin Williams, Chris Gardner, Nancy Boyd, Scott Allred,  Edgar Nelson, Dick Pitcher, Neal Neuenburg, Tom Hillman, Don Nelson, Loran Berck, Barbara Artis, Tom Weathers, Martha Weathers, Bob Collins, Robert Kuyper, Randy Andersen, Don Roulsten, Darrell Howen, Jim Garrison, Jan Brim, Judy Robbins, Ron Greilich

Respectfully Submitted,
Ronald A. Greilich
Administrative Secretary
The Renewal Fellowship
within the California/Nevada Annual Conference

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