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California/Nevada: Mass Lesbian Wedding Participants Elected To Carry Pro-Gay Torch to GC2000, Investigation Of Participants Will Be Biased

Dear Friends,

Our conference this year was much more pleasant. Perhaps getting to know some liberals on the internet dialogue line helped. I know I recognized people from the internet and spoke to people I probably would not have spoken to before.

An evangelical pastor, Harry Wood, was elected to Jurisdiction. In fact he is first alternate to General Conference which means he will go to General Conference to substitute when needed.

Don Fado and Rene Extrum-Fernandez were also elected. Both are under complaint for the Sacramento homosexual union. I learned the Committee on Investigation will interview all 68 which will take some time. There might not even be a trial for the committee is quite biased. Those who should have recused themselves for bias did not! Paul Wiberg, the Church Counsel, is married to Linda Wiberg who is now co-director of the CCOM along with Paul Extrum-Fernandez, who is married to Rene Extrum-Fernandez, who is one of the 68! I don't expect a vigorous prosecution!

The conference passed the expected resolutions to General Conference to change the Discipline on homosexuality. Most disappointing was the resolution which passed which would remove the opposition to "margianalization and coercion of former homosexuals." This passed General Conference by over 80% with even an approving editorial from Affirmation, the gay caucus.

That my conference would advocate marginalization and coercion of anyone is a deep shame and shows the reason we need an evangelical conference in the West. This is not a safe conference for evangelicals and ex-gays.

Since the Judicial Council has declared we are no longer a Reconciling conference, I entered a resolution to replace the Conference Reconciling Committee with a committee on Human Sexuality. The section agreed, but kept the original committee, now called Committee on Reconciliation. It passed the section with only three negative votes and went on the consent calendar. However the gay caucus lifted it and brought it to the floor for their opposition. By manuvering too complex to discribe in this short space, we ended up with two more committees!

I turned in a resolution to replace one committee with another and we ended up with three committees! Are we United Methodists, or what!

We had a wonderful evangelical dinner with Rod Brayfindley as speaker. He has been assigned by our conference to start a new church. We also had a record number of evangelicals ordained elder.

It remains to be seen what dialogue we can have. There is still some hope, but I remain committed to seeking an evangelical conference.

Bob Kuyper, Editor, Transforming Congregations

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