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CA Break-away Kingsburg Church Buys Back Old UMC Building, Others Leaving UMC

(Kingsburg, CA) God is to be praised that things are very good in Kingsburg. In May, we "bought" our buildings from the Conference in a three party deal with the "remaining" 9 trustees of Kingsburg United Methodist church (we asked them to stay members on paper to retain our interest in the deed of trust). The grand total was a bit over $275,000 which we borrowed from members since we don't trust the Conference enough to have them as noteholders. As of today, we've paid it down to $74,000 and hope to pay it off by year end. I have another full membership class and hope to add 50 members in total for 1999. Giving is up; we're on target to finish the year with a $25,000 general budget surplus after completing our tithe to missions and having a record faith promise year. Our only problem is a lack of space for Sunday School classes.

Really the best part for me is no having to fight with people I don't agree with. If the Cal-Nev conference wants to marry gays, so be it. It is a truly marvelous freedom. Another UMC pastor from this Conference who has been on special appointment mailed in his elder's orders to the Board of Ordained Ministry yesterday. That's a total of 6 since July 1, 1998. And these aren't just average pastors; they're some of the best and all but one under 45 years old. I just wrote a letter of rec for another to the Covenant Church, and I know of at least two others who are looking for a way out. It looks like its time to flee.

Blessing on you, brother.

In Him,

Ed Ezaki

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