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Former CA UMC, Kingsburg Community Church Sighs In Relief, "Free at last"

Greeting from Kingsburg Community Church.

Well, the day of freedom has finally arrived!

Yesterday afternoon May 13th, title to our buildings was recorded in our name with Fresno County and escrow closed with the Methodist Conference. Thanks for your support and prayers through a difficult year of waiting.

The grand total purchase price was $227,562.53 to the Annual Conference, of which $27,600 repaid them for a July 1998 mortgage payment they made on the parsonage. We get the buildingsand contents, the parsonage subject to the remaining mortgage, and half of the $20,125 bank account. Thankfully, we have cash on hand and borrowing to cover the whole amount. It looks like we have about $100,000 to raise to pay the whole thing off by year end (our goal). Praise the Lord for His deliverance.

What a great relief it is to feel like I no longer have to watch every word and walk on pins and needles fearing reprisals from the Annual Conference. I imagine that they think that receiving 200 grand to get rid of a troublesome church and Ed Ezaki is a pretty good deal. Well, I think 200 grand to be rid of them is pretty fair, too (though it's a hard sell for some of our people).

Things continue to grow; we will receive 32 new members on June 23rd (including the 9 fearless ones who remained UMC trustees of the shell of KUMC, soon going out of business). We continue to pray for those who remain a biblical witness within the UMC. However, I humbly offer my service and experience to any who are exploring following our path.

As I like to tell my students when I teach Revelation, "Good news. If you skip to the end, God wins!"


Ed Ezaki

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