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Former UMC Congregation Still Meeting and Negotiation for Their Former Building and Bank Account

Ed Ezaki [former KUMC pastor] wrote:

Hi, everyone,

Jim H. reminded me that its been a while since I updated everyone on the situation regarding our building negotiations with the Annual Conference. Right now, we continue to worship in our buildings. We are still in negotiations with the Conference on buying out any claim they might have on our church buildings and their contents, the parsonage, and the frozen bank account of KUMC [Kingsburg UMC now Kingsburg Community Church]. We sent a counter-offer to the Conference three weeks ago on Feb 23rd and have not heard anything back yet. Given the past, it takes as much as six weeks for the Conference to consider and respond to us. I feel as if we are close to a deal since we are less than $20,000 apart. Please continue to pray that we can resolve the issue soon. We are learning to cast our anxiety upon the Lord.


Ed Ezaki

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