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Two More CA Churches Leave the UMC, Two Withhold Apportionments

....Meanwhile, two small churches in our [formerly] District, Riverbend and Springville, have followed our example and have left the UMC. So far, other than Riverbend having to hire their own lay preacher, the Conference has done nothing, and the churches continue to meet as Community churches. The outgoing DS is out for a couple of months with stress problems so that may be part of the problem. Meanwhile, at least two other mid to large churches are withholding all of their apportionments until the Fado deal is resolved.

The wheels are falling off here in Cal-Nevada. By the way, if you post this, please leave out the part about the money in our negotiations. Blessings,

Ed Ezaki, pastor
Kingsburg Community Church, formerly Kingsburg UMC

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