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Former UMC Cal/Nev Pastors Find Home In More Biblical American Baptist Denomination

Andy Vom Steeg is now the pastor of First Baptist Church, Santa Rosa, CA, and John Christie is the pastor of First Baptist Church, Sunnyvale, CA. Both churches are American Baptist churches and their placement shows the commitment of Conrad Lowe, the area minister to hire and place the highest quality people in his churches. His bottom line is church growth. It's ironic that both Andy and John are now serving congregations almost double the size of their UMC churches with much greater growth potential. Overall, it's a win for the Kingdom to have two such gifted preachers in larger churches.

Some who are around the nation may ask the question: Isn't the ABC just a bit behind the UMC in heresy? Well, as far as I can tell, it is quite different. Though the ABC is part of the NCC and WCC, it is a whole lot more evangelical here on the West Coast than around the nation. Also, both local congregations are very biblical as are John and Andy. With a congregational polity both guys feel very supported and secure in their callings. For my part, I'm somewhat saddened to see us all going separate paths, but we're just following the sheep who are being scattered.


Ed Ezaki
pastor Kingsburg Community Church, formerly Kingsburg UMC

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