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Kingsburg Building Negotiations Continue With Guarded Hope

On Monday, the negotiating team from Kingsburg Community Church met with three members of the California-Nevada Conference Board of Trustees to negotiate the resolution to our property dispute. I believe that we can characterize the meeting as productive.

First, for the first time since July, the Conference's asking price went down, not up. Second, the Conference is approaching a figure which they put on the table in good faith back in July, only to withdraw on later. Third, the Conference agreed that there will be further negotiation and that their latest offer remains on the table. Fourth, it seemed like the composition of the Conference's team was structured to reach agreement, neither self-avowed lesbian on the Board was a member of the negotiating team.

My negotiators (I was not present for the negotiations) tell me that we are within about $50,000 of agreement, so I have hopes that this may actually happen, precluding lawsuits or other unilateral action. We are still wary, however, since the meeting began with yet another "misunderstanding" which amounts to an act of bad faith on the Conference's part. The long history of these misunderstandings cautions us not to count on anything until we have a written agreement, reviewed by our attorney, and signed by all parties.

Please pray for us, because even closing the deal will not be the end of the matter for us, though it is the most difficult part. We then have to raise the money. And we have to help all of our members accept the terms of any agreement. This is a challenge as there are some who believe anything more than $1 is too much for property we built and maintained. This isn't going to be the easiest money to raise.

Also, pray for the other nearby church which has withdrawn from the Conference and those others who are considering doing so.


Ed Ezaki

P.S. Having spoken to John Christie and Andy Vom Steeg recently, they are both doing well, enjoying their new churches and frankly, relieved to be where they are.

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