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Another Cal-Nevada Pastor Resigns - Son of Mission Society President

Exodus From Cal-Nevada Continues

The departure of evangelical pastors from the California-Nevada Annual Conference continued today with the resignation of Rev. Andrew Vom Steeg, pastor of St. Luke's UMC, Richmond, CA. Vom Steeg, son of Mission Society for United Methodists president Rev. Alvern L. Vom Steeg, has been a UMC pastor since 1991.

As with the three previous evangelical resignations in the past five months, Vom Steeg cites differences with the Conference leadership on issues of the person of Jesus Christ and the authority of Scripture.

The resignation comes on the heels of an announcement by up to 80 California- Nevada pastors that they will co-celebrate a homosexual union in January in defiance of Scripture and the UMC Book of Discipline. Vom Steeg will seek transfer to another denomination.

--Ed Ezaki

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