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UMC Negotiators Neglect to Show Up at Scheduled Building Negotiations

Many have been asking about the result of the meeting proposed by the Conference Trustees with our Kingsburg Board Chair and Trustee Chair this past Monday. Thank you for your prayers and concern. On Monday, our two leaders drove the hour and a half to Merced where Rev. Steve Darling had proposed that they meet to "get acquainted." My Board Chair went with reluctance; he felt that the time for getting acquainted had passed. The Board asked him to go anyway. Unfortunately, Steve Darling was a no-show. In telephone conversation later, he admitted that he erased the meeting from his calendar by mistake. Consequently, it has been almost three months since anyone at the Conference has met with us. We're getting impatient.

Part of me finds this funny. We're waiting to try to negotiate with people who mislead us, put us on hold, go back on their word, and don't show up for meetings they request. I know that it is hard for those of you not acquainted with the California-Nevada Annual Conference to believe that this is true, but this is a real picture of how things are out here in the wild and wacky West!

Meanwhile, church continues to be rich in worship and in growth in discipleship. I praise God for the freedom to do the ministry we are called to. We have also been encouraged that the High School is willing to work with us should we come to the point of needing alternative meeting space. Please keep praying for us.

Blessings on you all,

Ed Ezaki

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