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Kingsburg Church Seek Legal Counsel in Improper Seizure of Assets

Greetings, Fellow Cross Followers,

The body of a fellow proculator of the Good News message is in need!.... Many folks indicated "if we only knew, we could help", or "what can we do, besides pray..." well now is the time to come forward, especially those in renewal/reformation movements within the UMC and those lifting up evangelicals in prayer. Those of us at Simpsonwood, in its nice surroundings, remember my angst and cry to you, Ira, Jim?

The heavy handed maneuvering being meeted out against the Kingsburg United Methodist Church, Kingsburg California, and its pastor, Rev Ed Ezaki, demonstrates the extent UMC leadership, conference and district for California Nevada Conference will go to protect it assets, even at the expense of pastor and local trustees....standing for moral and biblical rightness....

Legal advice and actionable assistance is needed....NOW! It appears, on the surface, no proper notification was given the local church by one of the seizing agents, Bank of America, and to this writing, nothing has been delivered to Ed. A court order normally is required with cause to do such and recalling from my earlier BofA days, even an IRS seizure was validated, even to the extent of calling the intended before actual execution, insuring due diligence had been accomplished. Also, since it is being perpetrated in Fresno Country, a local judiciary must execute the order as the entity is domiciled in that county. However, with the UMC so decentralized, it becomes an interesting exercise of pinning responsibility. The KUMC has engaged a local attorney, per Ed's earlier note and my just completed conversation with him, but this is "new" territory for a pastor.

Some on this emailing are former adjudicators. Some of us have participated in these deeds in prior lives. Some are retired officers of the court. Some are very aware of the UMC histories. Some are just those of us who desire to help. Some are outside the denomination but understand and have contacts and influence in the areas sought.

The CalNev Conf Trustees, Conf Trea., et al vs Ed, his laity leadership, attorney, etc., in a meeting that more than likely will be closed, will be tense to say the least. Having participated in one of these a few years back, I can attest, nastiness of an order I'd never observed before will come forth when necessary.

Pray for Ed to be tempered by Christ's boldness and grace, but speaking with His Wisdom and Strength. Also, again, those that indicated they desired to help, from the other conferences, this is your moment.....It is somewhat an accountability time of words....

Ed's email is in the "cc" section. His phone number is 209.897.2388. FAX 209.897.4361. The hour is close. He has been in the "garden" and is willing to do His Will. Will we ?.....

His blessings and empowered convictions....

"Leadership is Followership" Whom you follow determines how you lead...The choice is yours"...anon

Janz I. Mynderup - UMC Laity, MSUM Dir, Former CalNev CFA BudgChr, A warrior for my friend Ed.....  - Ian J. Mynderup Web Designer/Mgr. or Email
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