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Cal/Nev Conference Breaks Trust - All Assets Seized

On Wednesday, July 16th, the Conference Treasurer seized approximately $14,000 in cash left in the KUMC checking account. I say approximately since about 19 checks were outstanding and most have bounced including my payroll check, my secretary's accrued vacation pay, and the payroll tax deposit. The most painful thing about the seizure is that, not three hours before I was informed, the Conference Treasurer and I had an earnest phone conversation about how important it is for us to act honorably and carefully in order to produce a win-win situation and avoid an emotional overreaction on either side.

Thursday evening, the Conf Board of Trustees are coming to Kingsburg to meet with the for KUMC Trustees. They are asking for immediate relinquishment of the deeds for property (they're bringing a notary), the personal property, and dissolution of the KUMC corporation. We are consulting legal counsel in order to determine our next steps. The larger question is: how much can you trust people who have just lied to you? Now, that I've had a couple of days of pain and anger, I can see that even these dishonorable and immoral actions serve the cause of Christ. The Conference has shown its true colors. They will take everything from any church that has the moral courage to oppose them. And for them, the ends justifies the means. Thank you, Lord, for this expensive reminder of why we left this corrupt and evil Annual Conference.

In Him,


* Ed Ezaki, pastor Kingsburg Community Church, formerly Kingsburg UMC.

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