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Kingsburg Church Bank Assets Seized During Good Faith Negotiations with UMC

So Much for Good Faith and Eye Ball to Eye Ball Truths.....

Date: July 18, 1998

Greetings, Truth Seekers....

Kingsburg UMC has ceased to be an entity with its bank account seized - approximately $14,000 dollars - and other assets frozen after a meeting where those in "power" were working together so all would have a "win-win" results, a person in the "know" has reported. Rev Ed Ezaki's UMC ordination orders have been surrendered, July 15th, 1998 as well. Also, highly placed conference officials were encouraging "back dating" of documents to "conform" to actions taken by the conference against KUMC , our authenticated sources indicated!.. Now that is real top-notch UMC leadership. Yes Sir, Jesus would be so proud of them. In some circles, people go to jail for those types of indiscretions/suggestions. So much for trust! So much for conference, district and DS words of affirmation to a pastor and the flock. Inclusiveness - Openness - Dialog - Only if you play our game! Broods of vipers are always dangerous.

We are in the process of putting the facts, sequences together, coupled with another churches dilemma and its leadership's comments as well as a local DS's and the PPRC Chair. [ This one will really bring the hair up on your neck! Comments were recorded and in writing. The UMC is becoming a rather interesting expose of "Do as I say, not as I you".]

Also, according to a highly placed in-the-know source, the Fresno DS, Rev Rick Plain, Fresno District, CalNev Conference, would NOT allow a recording of the meetings between Kingsburg UMC officials and the local Fresno District Trustees and Property folks. [Remember the May 20th, 1998 ERF meeting where it was recorded, but NOT until a bit of a  fuss   was stirrup by the Bishop  between he and Ed Ezaki . Real Christian trust, that CalNev Bishop has. Let's talk, but let's don't record it so we can alter, later on what we may have to for public consumption. I'll be posting his note to me. A real bishop type response! Would make anyone what to run from the denomination.] Following the results and the decisions in the next moments of their dialog, it became rather clear, why they, or more specifically Rick Plain didn't want a recording.. Even the conference treasurer was a part of the slime situation and of course, one has to believe Bishop Melvin Talbert and his cabinet were also part of the dastardly deed, even though they indicated they would be "fair".

Give us a day or two to sort it all out and it will be on the Web Site we will lead you too, for the world to see and evaluate.... This is beyond ERF and this note may be a bit jumbled and skimpy, but felt it needed to get out quickly.....It will be revealing to say the least when it is sequenced and dialoged.

"Leadership is Followership" Whom you follow determines how you lead...The choice is yours"...anon Blessings as seeking His wisdom, Discernment and calling for purging of ....

Above reproach, the Bible indicates its overseers are to be. Reflecting back on dealings in the UMC at local and conference levels, I can recall incidents where "just turn the other way" on matters and it will be OK or "we don't have to answer that..." and a list of this type of verbal and psychological abuse will run a rather long gambit. But that is just one of many issues of this alerting note.

Janz I. Mynderup

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