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Another Pastor and Two UMC's Leaving CAL/NEV AC*

Hi, everyone,

Lots of interesting things going on out here on the left coast.

  • First of all, I talked yesterday with Rev. Rick Harrell, pastor of Susanville UMC and a good friend on the Redwood Christian Park Board. Rick has had enough and will be leaving the California Nevada UMC for the Free Methodist Church in Redlands, CA by June 1st. Rick is an excellent pastor who has grown the Susanville church from 100 to 250 or so on Sunday morning. That brings the total to five evangelicals who have left since last July. Another one bites the dust.

  • Two very small churches in the Fresno District, Riverbend and Springville, are talking with the District about buying their facilities after deciding to leave the UMC. Springville is pastored by a Baptist TBA appointment. Riverbend replaced their UMC pastor with a lay pastor. So far, it does not look like the Conference is playing hard ball with them as they did with Kingsburg.

Ed Ezaki

* California/Nevada Annual Conference

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