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Disobedient Pro-homosexuality Bishop Punishes Evangelical Leader Of "The Six" In Cal/Nev

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Please post this. More will follow:

Yesterday, May 18, 2000, Rev. Kyle Phillips, pastor of Tehachapi Valley UMC was summoned to meet with Bishop Talbert and the Cabinet. Kyle is the leader of the six evangelical pastors who have called for escrowing apportionments in response to Talbert's disregard for the UMC Discipline following the failure of the Committee on Investigation to charge Rev. Don Fado, et al for performing a gay marriage last year.

Coming one week after GC2000, this is clearly retributive on Talbert's part and reflects what DS David Bennett told another of the six at a Board Of Ordained Ministry meeting in Sacramento sometime before General Conference that "Kyle will be targeted." All 6 pastors, plus several intercessors, also went, in support. The bishop told Kyle that Kyle was the most arrogant man he had ever met, and that he was surprised Kyle still had a church if he treated his parishioners the same way he treats his colleagues and superiors. He then told Kyle that he was being moved to another smaller, almost dead church effective July 1, and Kyle has absolutely no choice. This is against Kyle's wishes and his congregation's wishes, and clearly seems a punitive move. It involved absolutely no consultation and was clearly premeditated and deceptive, waiting until after GC2000 to spring it on him. Ministry in Tehachapi was going great, the church there loves Kyle, and they have had very significant growth and renewal.. Kyle thanked the bishop, but will soon have a public letter posted announcing his response.

Once again, GC2000 has not changed a thing in this part of the world. And many pastors and laypeople are coming to the conclusion that they do not have four to twelve years (maybe 24) to wait for the evangelical surge at GC2000 to bring biblical accountability to the Western Jurisdiction.

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