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California Renewal Fellowship Reclaims Their Evangelical Identity

From: Tom Weathers tomcvi1@mlode.com
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2001 10:44 PM 
To: Jude Subject: [Jude] RF --> ERF

Just returned from our annual Renewal Fellowship gathering.

Many good things happened and great power of The Lord in all that went on filled each one of us. We had about 25 laity, clergy some with spouses.

One of the things we decided on was to return to our original name "Evangelical Renewal Fellowship." We will have decided that this is who we are, and besides it is not the place of the called to let the liberals co-opt the perception of the power of God in Evangelism. They have begun to try to do so all across the country and we stand firm.

The second thing is that we have finally begun to reach out, if just in a small way, to ethnic pastors and congregations as well as those who claim to be "middle of the road." It seems many, when they express their theology stand no different that we do. Standing on the center as Gods Word not the world warm fuzzy that seems to be the religiosity de-jur that raises it's ugly head all over here. Some are now beginning to realize there is a difference and true righteousness exists in being bound to Truth of Gods Word. Amazing. I wonder what brought this all about?? ;-))

As they left, some new ERF members who came just to see, said they have not been so blessed, supported and affirmed in their faith and empowered in their witness as they were in part of 3 days with "those radicals in ERF." Some even asked several of us to come to their churches and teach the power of the Holy Spirit, the blessings of abundant prayer and seek out the evil that is there but which can't seem to be found and exorcized.

Looks like we may have also found the replacement for our ERF teaching sessions that were at the chapel at the University of the Pacific where PSR is located. We were forced to step back from our session this year because it was "requested" that we show a balanced presentation by allowing liberal presenters along with our choice.

Redwood Christian Park (RCP) which has been a haven for evangelicals out here has offered to put together similar sessions. They will bring in Orthodox Methodists and help us with the mission to reach out to those who are afraid to admit in public that they are "closet orthodox" in this AC.

Can we do better? Yes!

Pray for us.

In Jesus who makes us whole tomw

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