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Judge Says "No" To Bishop's Bad Faith Attempt To Seize St. Luke's Church Building

"Annual Conference tries to put a restraining order on our pastor, but..."

Yesterday, 9/6[/2000], the attorneys for the California Annual Conference presented documents implying that they could have a temporary restraining order preventing Dave from preaching Sunday, and from anyone preventing Rev. Doug Norris to preach. This was a surprise, as last thing we heard Bishop Talbert say to the media was that his people would be talking to ours about negotiating for us to keep our property. The attorneys, however, said yesterday that that will not happen, despite Talbert's quote! There was a hearing in Fresno Municipal Court today, which resulted in the judge's decision to not allow the temporary restraining order, and instructing both sides of the issue to be in mediation and discussion, and a new date will be set for resolution. This is very good news, and I think it amazed many. So we do appreciate your prayers, and pray they will continue.

Dave Wainscott

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