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Liberal Banner Of "Tolerance" In Cal/Nev A Sham

Dear Friends,

Last week I shared an article about the continued loss of pastors in the Cal/Nevada Conference. In investigating this story further, it just gets worse. It is clear that the conference officials are attempting to intimidate and silence many of the most outspoken evangelical leaders in the conference. In some cases, they have violated the Discipline in its' instructions on consultation with church and pastor before appointment. There are several observations that can be made about this situation.

First, I have heard people suggest that liberals are more tolerant than other people. In fact, liberals often lift up diversity as a goal. As most of us evangelicals who have served in this denomination know, that is a sham. Liberals are no more tolerant than conservatives. The notion that liberals really are more inclusive is as phony as the conservative notion that conservatives are more moral than liberals. Listen we are all sinners. This is a simple power play by those who clearly have the power in the Cal/Nevada Conference. This whole denomination is being manipulated and most of our colleges and seminaries are effectively controlled by a ruling liberal elite who resist change and fight those who challenge them. If evangelicals were in control it would probably not be much different but let's at least drop the hypocritical notion that liberal is some how equated with tolerance. Too many of us as evangelicals have run into the buzz saw of liberal tolerance to stomach such baloney.

Second, anyone who thinks that we will eventually surrender the sexual morality of classical Christianity and accept the pagan notions of sexual freedom advocated by the homosexual lobby need to take a cold hard look at Cal/Nevada. If you think there is fragmentation going on in Cal/Nevada, try to push that liberal agenda in the south and Midwest. Those who are trying to force the church down the road of sexual permissiveness are going to shatter the church one way or the other.

Finally, and most importantly, the Bishops have got to hold each other accountable. There is no one else who can restrain a Bishop who acts like a petty despot and makes up his or her theology without regards to the church. If the Bishops do not stand up to their brothers and sisters who violate the discipline, it will splinter the church as surely as if General Conference voted in favor of homosexual marriage and ordination. The conduct of our Bishops is beyond local church control only our Council of Bishops can hold each other accountable.

Your Brother,

John Miles II, Heber Springs

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