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Unkind Words From  Evangelical Remnant Hurt Former UM Brothers

From: Edward F. Ezaki eezaki@lightspeed.net
To: RLKuyper@aol.com
Cc: John Warrener (E-mail) jwarrene@surfsouth.com
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 7:52 PM
Subject: Correction: Good News from California

Dear Bob:


Congratulations on the vitality of ERF and long may you prosper! But I did not realize that I nor my compatriots were "defectors". Of course, I have been called worse in the last couple of years. "Quitter, covenant-breaker, traitor..." but never by a fellow evangelical.

For the record, I have steadfastly maintained that there will ALWAYS be a faithful remnant in the UMC, that someday it may succeed in cleansing the church. I have always urged everyone to follow their own Christian conscience on the matter of separation. Indeed, I did so again this past Sunday at St. Luke's. The most I have ever done in the way of persuasion is to share with people the factors that led to my decision to leave, but I have truly never shared this without qualifying it with an appeal to follow one's own Christian conscience.

Now, as to the implication that we left our flocks bleeding, abandoning them in their time of need, that is clearly not true of Kingsburg nor of those whose flock (at least 90%) followed them.

I wonder what your purpose was in publishing this letter. Bob, have my actions, expressed or implied, offended you? I truly ask your forgiveness if so. And I ask you to believe me that no offense was ever intended. Bob, how could you believe that any of us look upon friends like you as liberal or leprous? I have nothing but warm prayers for you and those valiant Christians who choose to remain in the UMC to proclaim that Word of God. And I have a profound gratitude to God that he has allowed me to no longer have to do so.

Please forward this to Shannon Black as I do not have his email. I am forwarding this to John Warrener in hopes that he will pull your message from his bulletin board.

Blessings on you and your ministry.

Ed Ezaki

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