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St. Luke Congregation Rejects Pro-homosexuality Pastor, Ousted Former UM Pastors To Fill Pulpit


Pastor Dave and staff were given basically no warning when the superintendent Vickie Healy showed up today (8/15) at St. Luke's to notify all that Dave was on suspension and no longer pastor of St. Luke's United Methodist. This, of course, is due to his, and the church's, stand for the Bible and denominational discipline. She brought with her the new pastor, Doug Norris, who has been involved in Reconciling Congregations, a program that believes, against all denominational rules, in full inclusion of gays and holy unions. This is clearly unacceptable to St. Luke's UMC.

Note that this was done while Pastor Dave and family are away at church camp, where he is Bible teacher! As you know, no one raised their hand at a recent all-church meeting asking who could stay United Methodist. St. Luke's Community Church has already been formed. Call us or watch this website for where our Sunday 10AM Service will be meeting....and of course, be in prayer! God Bless!

UPDATE: Pastor Dave and Ed Ezaki WILL PREACH on Sunday, as scheduled, at St. Luke's.

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