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Former UM Congregation Thrives After Driven From Denomination By Disobedient Bishop

From: Dennis Trepanier dmtrep@jps.net
To: jwarrene@surfsouth.com
Date: Monday, July 03, 2000 12:13 AM
Subject: The First Official Service - Unbelievable!


The story continues. The first Official Sunday service of the "Shepherd of the Hills Church", with Pastor Lemos. The Rescue, CA, Community Center was filled PAST capacity. There were 130 chairs, but 143 attended this first Sunday Service with Pastor Lemos presiding. Praise God!! The new church collected more than $5000 dollars in its first offering! We had NO idea that this many former UMC members would attend. We are happy beyond belief, for the stand for justice and the RIGHT, that these people have taken! We were literally filled today with happiness that God has done a Great WORK! What a wonderful CONSEQUENCE only that GOD could give! Furthermore, the deeds of the unjust are etched forever now in the public domain. Jesus said, "By their works, you will know know them." No judgement here, but simple observation. They have marked themselves by their own deeds.

God Bless UMC Bishop Talbert and His staff. Hebrews Chapter 12 says, "God punishes those He loves and calls His Sons".

Bishop Talbert's deeds continue to amaze many. When He received a letter from the Wesleyan denomination requesting a transfer of Pastor Lemos, it appears that he told the D.S. of the Wesleyan Denomination that the Methodist Church does not transfer pastor ordinations. The Wesleyan D.S. told Pastor Lemos not to fear, based upon his flawless 34 year history, they would take Pastor Lemos, irregardless.

Hard to BELIEVE?? I would be VERY insecure if I was a UMC pastor, if this is how the UMC can treat its pastors, and get away with it. A pastor, having done NO documented wrong against the UMC in 34 years, but he defended the UMC and the Book of Discipline.

God Bless You All, and remember the words of our Lord, "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you Free." Also remember, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No Man cometh to the Father, but by Me!"

For it is the TRUTH, we love and protect. In so doing, we show we love Jesus Christ. Your knowledge of the TRUTH on what is going on here, is part of the solution. "He that does not learn the lesson of history is condemned to repeat it." I hope that sharing our story has been meaningful to you, and will ultimately be beneficial to God's flock in the UMC. God Bless You All. I also thank Bob Kuyper, of Bakersfield, California, for his dedication to the cause and keeping you updated, also. For the righteous, we are in the journey together!

Dennis Trepanier LCDR USN (retired)
U.S. Nuclear Submarine Force
Former member, Foothills UMC
New member Shepherd of the Hills Church

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