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"Scorched Earth" Policy Against Evangelicals In Cal/Nev Continues As More Churches Prepare to Leave The UMC

From: MBGoodyear@cs.com
To: jwarrene@ucmpage.org
Date: Monday, June 12, 2000 1:48 PM
Subject: Up-date

Hi , It has been a while since I updated you. We have not heard anything from anyone about our complaint. We sent a letter to Bishop Dew last week, asking for some info. on the complaint.

Our Annual Conference Begins this week. The Bishop is making punitive appointments against evangelicals out here. It is open season on Bible believers. You may have heard that Kyle Phillips was being appointed to Lindsay, (small valley church of 50 - who can't even pay full support for a pastor) from his church that he grew up to about 200 in Tehachapi. He was fighting the appointment at first, but now has given in. He and his church have withdrawn from the UMC, Then the Bishop hit another evangelical, Luis Lemos at Foothill church close to me. He is in a church of 300 and the church was becoming conservative under him, and my DS wants that church for himself when he goes off cabinet, so Luis is being moved to Lindsay. How would you like to be a member of Lindsay, knowing that your church is the punishment for being evangelical in our conference. Through all of this, the Bishop is not following disciplinary procedure. I expect that Luis and about 1/2 of his church will leave before July.

Ira and John Grenfell are out here for the week, so they will get to see first hand. We in Orangevale have heard nothing from the Bishop or the Cabinet.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Blessings, Mike

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