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Public Promotion of Mass Lesbian Wedding Hearings Beginning

From: U.M. Cornet umcornet@hotmail.com
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Sent: Saturday, January 22, 2000 7:33 PM
Subject: [CALLED OUT] California Hearings: Light A Real or Virtual Candle

From: "U.M. Cornet" umcornet@hotmail.com  


Hearings in Regard to the Sacramento 68

The schedule for the hearings of the Cal-Nevada Annual Conference Committee on Investigations at Community United Methodist Church in Fairfield February 1-3, 2000 is now on the conference's web site at
http://www.gbgm-umc.org/canv/hear.htm. Among others, 67 clergy who were co-officiants at a covenant service in Sacramento for Jeanne Barnett and Ellie Charleton in January 1999 (see http://www.umaffirm.org/cornet/calnev.html   for more details), will speak.

Light a Real or Virtual Candle

Earlier this month, Ellen Rowan, Chair, Cal-Nev. Conference Committee on Reconciliation, and John Auer, Chair, Cal-Nev. Conference Chapter, Methodist Federation for Social Action wrote a letter suggesting how congregations can be supportive. We sent this information to CALLED OUT. It is both in our archives at ONELIST and on CORNET's web site at: http://www.umaffirm.org/cornews/calnev9.html.

One of the suggestions is:

"1. Please bless a large candle in one of your services of worship and try to bring or send it the first day of hearings, to light during times of witness and worship outside the church each day of the hearings."

In addition to this idea, I am suggesting that individuals and churches who have web sites, "light a candle" on their web sites as an act of witness and link to CORNET's Sacramento 68 pages at http://www.umaffirm.org/cornet/calnev.html and the Sacramento 68's pages at: http://www.sacramento68.com. On their web site are personal statements by many of them with more information to come.

You may want to "make" or find your own candle and put it on your web site. Today, I have made a rainbow candle in two sizes that I have put on CORNET's web site. It is not on a public page, but you can find it at:


You can save the candle to your computer and then put it on your web site. Please do not link to our candle; put it on your page.

If I have time, I will make other candles, including an animated one, but my time is tight.

I will post information to CALLED OUT and CORNET web as I have it during the days of the hearings.

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