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Public Hearings To Begin To Determine If Charges Will Be Filed For Mass Lesbian Wedding

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On February 1, 2 and 3, 2000, the California-Nevada Annual Conference Committee on Investigations will hold an open, public hearing regarding whether or not it is reasonable to forward charges on for trial in the case of the UMC against 67 Cal-Nevada clergy who performed a holy union en masse last January, 1999. Testimony is expected by a number of witnesses, including expert witnesses in the areas of theology, community impact, history of the Cal-Nevada Annual Conference, and by witnesses to the Holy Union itself. The co-officiants of the Holy Union will also be questioned by the Committee. On February 4, 2000, the Committee intends to discuss and hopefully decide whether or not charges should be sent to trial.

The hearing will be held at Community United Methodist Church, 1875 Fairfield Ave., Fairfield, California. Fairfield is on Highway 80, about an hour and a half northeast from Oakland or San Francisco Airport and about an hour west from the Sacramento airport.

Interested parties and supporters are encouraged to attend. Rooms have been reserved at the Fairfield Holiday Inn Select (707) 422-4111 under the name of United Methodist Church. There will be activities and events to show support of the clergy and the committee during the three, possibly four days."

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