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California Nevada Evangelicals Call To Prayer As Discipline Breaks Down

From: RLKuyper@aol.com
To: jwarrene@surfsouth.com
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2000 6:07 PM
Subject: Support for Meeting in Cal Nevada

Dear Friends,

The Evangelical Renewal Fellowship within the California Nevada Annual Conference will be meeting Tuesday April 4 to pray for our conference. As you know 68 pastors broke covenant by conducting a homosexual union service. Complaints against them were not certified by our Committee on Investigation. We hope to get at least 68 pastors to come and pray for our conference. We hope a large number of pastors and laity will attend.

Recently six pastors sent out a letter advising the withholding of apportionments. The Bishop has threatened to bring a complaint against them. There is much to pray about.

How can you help? Pray for us and the success of our event. Perhaps meetings can be held at the same time on April 4.

Secondly, send us a letter of encouragement. We can read some of those letters are the meeting. We need to feel a connection with other UMC pastors and laity who stand with us.

Send me the notes on e mail at RLKuyper@aol.com.   They need not be long. We will read as many as possible at the meeting as a note of encouragement.

Thanks for your support in advance. Please forward this letter to anyone you think will be interested.

Bob Kuyper, President ERF

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