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Cal-Nev Layman: Thanks Bishop Conyers For Hope In Morally Bankrupt Annually Conference

From: Tom Weathers tomcvi1@mlode.com
Cc: bishopcoyner@juno.com
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2000 10:46 PM
Subject: Your statement concerning the disobedience in the Western Jurisdiction.

Dear Bishop Coyner,

As a lay member of the California Nevada Annual Conference, please accept the gratitude of many Methodists out here for your standing for the Methodist church and its well balanced and faithfully derived Book of Discipline.

As you know, there are few voices in the leadership of our denomination who are willing to stand out publicly for the Tradition and Orthodox beliefs which have made Methodism and which separate Christianity from the world so distinctly.

Your stance is to be lifted up in prayer as well as human joy for your willingness to be a faithful servant of our Lord God.

Because of the action which was not taken by the COI [Committee On Investigation] out here and in particular the statement by Bishop Talbert that in effect, Cal/Nev is separate and not held to the higher authority of the General Conference, six pastors and their churches have set up an escrow for the apportionment's of their churches. Bishop Talbert has stated to these pastors that he will see that they are charged for violating the Book of Discipline if it is not rescinded. The action by these six churches is possibly in violation of the BoD, but the action was taken to insure that these apportionment's are sent to the United Methodist Church, and not to a renegade conference which chooses to purposely disobey en-mass and then ignore completely, that disobedience.

Although a trial of the 67/68 would most likely have bankrupted the conference, that would have been only a monetary impact, not a spiritual one. Instead, we demonstrate the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the Cal/Nev AC and further throughout the Western Jurisdiction, for all the church to see.

Again thank you and may or Lord continue to bless you and those in your conference as you remain faithful.

In Jesus who makes us whole

Ttom Weathers, Lay Member
Cal/Nev AC
Tuolumne UMC
Tuolumne California

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