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Charges Against Evangelical Pastor Resolved, Will Focus Again On Denominational Reform

Dear Friends:

Thank you once again for your prayers. I have just come from my follow-up meeting with my DS, David Bennett. To refresh your memory, after our 1st Supervisory meeting in which John Grenfell & I felt that we had resolved all the issues but the one about the new sign, the DS followed up with a letter to me dated April 30, pretty much saying that only one of the issues had been resolved. The meeting this morning was to clarify between us exactly where we are with his seven complaints against me. I was determined just to be quiet and listen. As we went down through the items one at a time, it was quickly determined that the issue was resolved. It only took 10 minutes and all of the issues in his complaint were at a point of resolution.

It was a plain miracle. Incredible. I thank you all for your prayers and support. Something had surely happened between his letter of April 30 and the meeting today. It was surely of God. Now I feel confident about my appointment for the coming year. Now we can begin to focus once again on the real problem in our denomination--the immorality, the heresy being taught by pastors, and the corruption of the bureaucracy.

Again thank your for all of your overwhelming support. God is good- all the time.

Blessings on you,


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