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Complaints Against Evangelical Pastor Outlined by DS in CA Religious Wars

Rev. Mike Goodyear of Orangevale UMC, who filed complaints against the 92 Pastors who participated in the Mass Lesbian Wedding Ceremony in Sacremento, now has charges filed against him by his DS David Bennett in the following letter Dated April 2, 1999:

"This complaint is being filed because I believe that Rev. Goodyear has failed to adhere to the "responsibilities and duties of a pastor" as outlined in Paragraph 331 of the 1996 Discipline. With regard to Rev. Goodyear's ministry, Paragraphs 637 and 2624 are also cited below. I have listed incidents which have led me to file this complaint.

On more than one occasion, Rev. Goodyear has not allowed district mailings regarding training events within our connection to be distributed within his congregation.

Rev. Goodyear has refused to be a part of the covenantal groups which have been established through the Annual Conference to provide accountability and improvement of the covenantal relationships with colleagues.

Rev. Goodyear does not participate in district fellowship or educational events.

On April 25, 1998, during our one-on-one meeting following the Annual Church Conference, Rev. Goodyear informed me that the Orangevale Church would be paying only 10% of its apportionments (a tithe of the apportionment amount). With his support, this is exactly what they have paid. Additionally, in an Oct. 29th, 1998 e-mail, Goodyear states, in referring to his congregation, "They need to know that none of their $$ will ever go to the conference again."

Rev. Goodyear has violated Paragraph 637.4 of the 1996 Book of Disicpline by receiving 100% of his salary, when his salary should have been paid in the same proportional distribution as the amount of apportionments given for pensions and benefits.

On Oct. 29, 1998, in direct defiance of instructions in my March 21, 1997 letter to Rev. Goodyear, he indicated that the church was going to change its outside sign to remove the words "United Methodist". This was done no later than March 10, 1999.

In an article in the March 4, 1999 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle, Goodyear is quoted as saying, "People in the Fado camp are Universalists. They are putting themselves off as Christians, but they don't hold Christian beliefs. They don't believe in Hell." This statement undermines the ministry of other pastors in our Annual Conference. This is in violation of Paragraph 2624.1g of the 1996 Book of Discipline.

Bishop Talbert, as you can see, I have listed a number of areas where I feel that Rev. Goodyear has not lived up to the responsibilities and duties of a pastor, as outlined in Paragraph 331, as well as Paragraphs 637.4 and 2624 of the 1996 Book of Discipline. This letter will serve as my initial complaint, which is the beginning of the supervisory process."

Mike is getting jerked around by the DS who refuses to put any more in writing. This is clearly a retaliatory move due to the fact that Mike and his church brought the first charges against the "Sacramento 69." Keep him in prayer.

Ed Ezaki

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