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War Of Complaints In CA/NEV AC*

DS Files Complaint Against Evangelical Pastor (Church) Who Filed Complaints Against Leaders of Mass Lesbian Wedding

From: Mike Goodyear
Sent: Saturday, April 17, 1999 8:02 PM
To: John Warrener
Subject: Update 4-17-99

Update on the Complaints filed against Rev. Mike Goodyear

4/9/99 - Friday
I received a phone call from the Rev. Bennett on Friday morning, April 9th. In that call he stated that a letter explaining how they were conducting the supervisory process (their interpretation of the Discipline) would not be forthcoming, and that the issue of the Complaint against Don Fado had nothing to do with my complaint. I asked him if he would put in writing that he was refusing to give me an explanation of the Discipline at this point, and he said that he would not. Rev. Bennett then wanted to set a date for the beginning of my Supervisory process. At that point I informed him that I felt that he should not be the one setting up the meeting for the supervisory process because he was the one issuing the complaint, and therefore you had a conflict of interest. I believe that the Discipline allows for either the Bishop or the District Superintend to begin the supervisory process. For the sake of fairness, I felt that that the Bishop should be the one to contact me and set up the supervisory process.

Rev. Bennett said that would not happen, that he and the cabinet and the Bishop were all working together on this. He stated that I would not receive a letter from the Bishop and that I should make the appointment with him. I continued to argue the issue of "fairness" and "conflict of interest". We agreed to disagree. I asked the Rev. Bennett if he would put his position on this matter in writing for me and he refused. He stated that I would be getting nothing in writing.

We obviously weren't coming to a place of agreement on this matter. The Rev. Bennett then stated that he would bring it to the cabinet next week and that someone from the cabinet would be back in touch with me as to setting the time for the Supervisory process to begin. I told Rev. Bennett that I was more than willing to begin the process. I just wanted equal treatment. I want to have the same rights extended to me as were given to Rev. Fado and the rest of the pastors who participated in the gay wedding.

I asked Rev. Bennett if he had held the first Supervisory meeting with Rev. Fado and the others. He said "yes". One meeting had been held. I asked him when it was held & he refused to tell me the date, saying that it was confidential. I asked for that refusal in writing & was told that I would not get it in writing.

4/11/99 - Sunday
David Bennett called and left a message on my phone. He has talked to the Bishop concerning my request for the Bishop to handle the supervisory process in this matter regarding David Bennett's complaints against me. The Bishop said that I must put the request in writing before he will consider it, and that he must have it by Thursday of this week, April the 15th. I have already drafted the letter.

4/16/99 - Friday
Today I received a letter from the Bishop Talbert denying my request to have someone other than David Bennett handle the supervisory process of his own complaints against me. It seems to me to be unthinkable, highly irregular, let alone blatantly unfair and prejudicial for the DS to preside over the supervisory process of his own complaint against me.

This is just another example of the how the process doesn't work right out in the California Nevada Annual Conference.

4/17/99 - Saturday
I called the my DS, David Bennett today and set the appointment to begin my supervisory process. It is scheduled for Wednesday, April the 28th at 12 Noon PST. He stated that he and the Bishop would be present and that I could bring another person if I chose to do so. I would appreciate your prayers on that day.

* CAL/NEV AC = California Nevada Annual Conference

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