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CA Evangelicals Invite Others to Protest Mass Lesbian Wedding

Evangelical Renewal Fellowship News Release:

As an evangelical within your denomination, I am sending you the information below in prayerful hope that you will be able to spread the need for prayer and support within your denomination for the events we are called to hold.

Even though there are differences in the polity and some beliefs that our churches support, we believe that there is much more that we agree upon.

As many denominations struggle with the issue of homosexual-unions, we are taking a stand in our own to return to scriptural holiness and to the church doctrines which we are founded upon. At this time it is important to recognize that we are on the leading edge of things which will eventually work their way into all Christian Denominations if they are not slowed or stopped here.

So I ask that if you feel lead to do so, that you will publicize the need for prayer in support of our press conference and celebration service this Friday and that you will let the world know that all are not lost but that some are still called to believe on the Christ who can transform all sinners if we will just call on Him.

In Jesus who makes us whole.

Taking a stand for Jesus Christ.

Many within all Christian Denominations have chosen to take a stand for the authority and relevance of the Holy Bible in today’s world. Such a stand is with belief that God calls us to witness our faith among His people in obedience to our calling to serve Him.

In light of teaching to profess our faith, and in support of Biblical truth and the United Methodist Book of Discipline, the members of the Evangelical Renewal Fellowship of the California Nevada Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, invite all Christians to join with us on January 15, 1999 at Hope United Methodist Church in Sacramento California for a celebration.

Hope UMC is located at 6161 Valley Hi Drive. Take the Mack Road exit and go West to Valley Hi Dr. Turn left until you get to the church. Laity and Clergy are invited to attend.

The worship service will begin at 2 P.M. which will celebrate the revealed Word of God and the saving Grace available through Jesus Christ. The service will honor the Biblical calling to faithfulness in marriage between one man and one woman and celibacy in singleness for all others. We are called to do this as a statement that, as members of the United Methodist Church, we confess that the Bible and the UMC Book of Discipline in it’s official position, state that all persons are of sacred worth to God and that same-gender unions are not supported by Biblical truth or by the Discipline of the UMC.

Prior to the celebration, at 11:00, there will be a press conference at which we will present a statement concerning same-gender unions.

Both events are in response to the planned "same-sex union" scheduled to take place in Sacramento on January 16 between two United Methodist women and officiated over by their pastor and others.

We invite all to come and join us in supporting the narrow way that is through Jesus Christ and to be in prayerful petition to our Lord God that His will shall be done in ways that will honor Him in our world today. We ask for prayer that no violence or acts of a demeaning nature be committed against any participants in either our press conference, our celebration or the Saturday union event.

The Evangelical Renewal Fellowship California Nevada Annual Conference United Methodist Church

Further information may be obtained by e-mail from Tom Weathers at

  • Here is the link for the January 16 same gender union.

  • The preceding was sent to all evangelical organizations and publications I could find. If you know of any I should send to, please e-mail me ASAP or forward it yourself.

In Jesus who makes us whole

Tom Weathers

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