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CA Mass Lesbian Wedding -- One Charge Dismissed, One Considered Further, Absentia Doesn't Count

From: Mike Goodyear
Date: Thursday, March 18, 1999 12:09 AM
Subject: 1st response from DS

Update on Filed Complaints in California:

These are the relevant excerpts from Rev. David Bennett, the District Superintendent of the Rev. Don Fado & other pastors in the Delta District of the Calif.-Nev. Annual Conference: Received March 17, 1999 by Mike Goodyear

The letter was written on March 16, 1999

"Grace & Peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is to acknowledge receipt of your complaint(s) against one or more pastors who participated in the January 16, 1999 Holy Union Celebration in Sacramento, Ca.

All complaints which quoted Paragraph 2624.1E of the 1996 Book of Discipline, 'Disobedience to the Order and Discipline of the UMC,' have been taken under advisement.

All complaints which quoted Paragraph 2624.1G of the 1996 Book of Discipline, 'Relationships and/or behavior that undermines the ministry of another pastor,' have been deemed to be without substance or merit.

Only those persons who officiated in person at the Holy Union are involved in the complaint process.

It is my sad duty to inform you that the Rev. Howard Acton was tragically killed in an automobile accident on Monday, March 8. I am sure you join with me in extending your sympathy and compassion to his wife, Virginia, and family. Shalom, David L. Bennett"

I am not sure of the process to follow for the charges that have been deemed "without substance or merit". If anyone can help me there, I would appreciate counsel. I assume that is the end of them. It has been almost 2 months since I filed the first complaint. (Jan.21). This is all that we have received in response during that entire period. Who knows how long it will take them to process the complaints that they have "taken under advisement"?

I will post you again as soon as I hear something.

Blessings, Mike

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