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Rebel Pastors Say No Compromise - Bishop Delays Filing Complaint

The Stockton (California) Record has an interesting article on the homosexual union controversy in our conference. Dated 2/16/99, some interesting quotes indicate some of what is going on already with our cabinet.

Referring to the 15 plus clergy from the Delta District who participated, it says,

"...all 15 plus participating clergy from the conference's Delta District refused an olive branch extended by District Superintendent Dave Bennett recently in a closed-door meeting.

Bennett's "tentative resolution:" If the ministers acknowledged their disobedience and promised never to do it again, the church would drop the issue.

"No body agreed to do that. This was an act of conscience," said Hoffman, a former pastor at Central United Methodist Church in Stockton.....

Bennett and Hoffman described the meeting with the Delta ministers as "conversational" and "sympathetic."

The filing of a formal "judicial complaint" has been delayed while [Bishop] Talbert tends to an urgent family matter.

In the absence of a compromise with the clergy, the conference's committee on Investigation will determine if the evidence warrants a trial – and the minister's fate will be decided by 13 church "jurors."

"We'll take the penalty, whatever it is," said Rev. Don Fado, the minister who performed the ceremony at the Sacramento Convention Center in front of 1,000 people.

If the movement is going to succeed, Northern California is the place to start, Fado said.

"In other parts of the country we'd be run out of the church already," he said.

Bob Kuyper, Editor, Transforming Congregations

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