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CA Evangelicals Meet--Prepare for GC2000 and File Complaints Against Rebel Clergy

This past week, The Evangelical Renewal Fellowship met at Redwood Christian Park. Jim Heidenger, Ira Galloway and Scott Field were the guests to about 30 of our evangelical pastors. The time was very encouraging. They asked us to work with them towards General Conference 2000 when significant things could happen. For the 1st time in my 25 years of pastoring out here in California. I do believe that I see some light at the end of the tunnel. I pledged myself to work wholeheartedly with them for one more year, until General Conference. As you know, I have filed complaints, but have not heard a thing about the process other than that it is in process. I am encouraging every lay person in our church to file complaints this Sunday. We want to make sure that each of the 92 pastor's have two grievances against them. Other pastors in our conference are going to do the same thing with their congregations. We are going to deluge them with complaints. Each one must be answered separately. Anything the Bishop does against a pastor or church can be easily charged as retribution. We know we will win the trial if it makes it that far, these pastors have already confessed their guilt.

We must accept no less punishment than "recanting" or "removal of orders". I don't think that will happen, but in the process we hope to expose and bring to light their immoral practices and heretical theology for the whole of Methodism to see....They are really confident in their apostasy. We need to be equally as bold in challenging them.

On a personal note, I will be traveling for the next two weeks to India, where I will be with Jeff Lester in studying the feasibility of a mobile medical clinic outside of Hyderabad. I hope to know something about the "complaints" when I return, and you can be sure that I will keep you posted. I should be able to get my next post to you by Feb. 20th.

Blessings on you - Mike Goodyear

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