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Sacramento Convention Center To Become New Venue for Mass Lesbian Wedding in CA

Dear Friends,

Don Fado has been gracious enough to send me a correction on the previous update. Evidently the request to hold the homosexual union ceremony at St. Mark's was withdrawn before the Church Council could consider it.

I thank Don for this correction printed below:

Subj: Re: Planned Mass Lesbian Weeding Forced to Change Venue
Date: 98-12-10 13:14:57 EST
From: Don Fado
CC: RLKuyper

Quote Bob Kuyper,

Many of you have asked about the homosexual union planned in Sacramento on Jan. 16. I just attended an ERF meeting yesterday. Here is what I learned.

The Ad. board of St. Mark's UMC in Sacramento where Don Fado is pastor has voted against having the ceremony in that church. Evidently requests for opinions of church members were made. 360 were received. We do not how that "vote" ran, but the Ad. Board did vote against it afterwards.

Whoa there! This is not so! I don't know where Bob Kuyper got his info. We do not even have an Ad Board, but a Church council. The church is divided over whether or not to have the service on the property. I am safe in saying the majority are in favor. However, Jeanne and Ellie did not want the location to put any damper on the enthusiasm for the celebration, so they withdrew their request. Another factor that became obvious was that St. mark's could not hold the numbers. We seat only 400. We need a place with at least 1,000. We now have the site. It is at the Sacramento Convention Center in the room where the annual Conference worships each year.

While on opposite sides on this issue, I consider Bob Kuyper a good friend and a man of integrity. I'm sure he was given this misinformation by someone else.

Bob Kuyper, Editor, Transforming Congregations

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