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Cal/Nev DS Reports a Greivance has Been Filed Against Rebel Pastors

Hi Folks.

It is 5pm Pacific time on Thursday, the 21st of Jan.

I just spoke with the DS David Bennett. He says that a grievance have been filed. The Bishop and the Cabinet were dealing with it for most of the day. He said that he did not feel free to tell us what the status is from day to day on the proceedures. I asked him if there was a "gag" order. He said no, that if the person filing the grievance wanted to share the progress, they were at liberty to do so. Para. 358 in the Discipline shows the process. We are currently at point 1b, "Supervisory Response". I told him that if the progress is not made public, that I might file a grievance as well, just in order to let the rest of the country know the progress. He also stated that right now, all Pastors invovled in the ceremony were being considered as having the chargeable Offense of Paragraph 2624.1e "Disobedience to the Order and Discipline of the UMC". He urged us to be patient as the administration of such grievance takes time. I think now we pray and wait for a few days.

Hopefully we will hear from the person who filed, or from the Bishop or DS as to what is happening.


Mike Goodyear]

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