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Planned Mass Lesbian Weeding Forced to Change Venue

Many of you have asked about the homosexual union planned in Sacramento on Jan. 16. I just attended an ERF meeting yesterday. Here is what I learned.

The Ad. board of St. Mark's UMC in Sacramento where Don Fado is pastor has voted against having the ceremony in that church. Evidently requests for opinions of church members were made. 360 were received. We do not how that "vote" ran, but the Ad. Board did vote against it afterwards.

Ceremony is now in an undisclosed location by invitation only. We do not know if the press will be invited.

John Shepard, pastor of Yuba City First will see that a few evangelicals are there as witnesses. We understand that the list of clergy will be made public at that event. We are planning a meeting beforehand and a press conference.

Also we will be having a retreat Feb. 1-3 at Redwood Christian Park. Scott Field of Good News will be our resource as we work on the Western Jurisdiction Evangelical Conference. We hope others from the Western Jurisdiction will join us. This mass ceremony just points out why we need that conference.

Keep us in prayer as we deal with this situation.

Bob Kuyper, Editor, Transforming Congregations

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