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Petition Suggests Charges Against Cal/Nev Bishop If No Action Taken to Stop Mass Lesbian Ceremony

Here is the text of a suggested petition which can be used in your churches. This will be primarily for those in the Western Jurisdiction, but other can pray for us here and your writing might help.

Suggested Petition

We, the undersigned, call upon Bishop Melvin G. Talbert, to uphold The Discipline as he has said he would in the matter of homosexual unions.

Furthermore, we call upon him to use the influence of his episcopal office to urge the Rev. Don Fado of St. Mark's UMC in Sacramento to stop his plans to hold a homosexual union ceremony in January of 1999 with eighty clergy participating. Such a mass ceremony will violate the covenant taken by our pastors and will likely divide the conference beyond repair. It should be stopped now.

Furthermore, we feel, if no public action is taken by Bishop Talbert between now and the time of the ceremony, this negligence of episcopal duties, will be grounds for charges under 2624.1d and e.

Furthermore, we call upon the Conference Committee on the Episcopacy to discuss this matter with Bishop Talbert at the earliest possible moment and to urge him to take the above steps.





Mail to:

Bishop Talbert
PO Box 980250
West Sacramento, CA 95798-0250

Fax: (916) 372-9062

Send Copies to:

Russ Walker, Chairperson
Conference Committee on the Episcopacy
PO Box 505
Patterson, CA 95363

Anne Lau and Greg Smith are two evangelicals on this committee. Ironically, our conference lay leader, Jeanne Barnett, who will be joined with Ellie Charlton in the ceremony by Don Fado, sits on this committee.

Don Fado's address is

Don Fado
St. Mark's UMC
2391 St. Mark's Way
Sacramento, CA 95864

Fax: (916) 483-7840

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