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Tax Opposition And Surplus Cash Excesses Reveal Hypocrisy Of Leftist Leaning UM Agencies

From: Charles East ceast99@earthlink.net
To: United_Methodist_Reporter@compuserve.com
Sent: April 7, 2001 2:35:54 AM GMT 
Subject: Attn: Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir:

The formation of "Religious Community for Responsible Tax Policy" brings together a group of liberal religious activists who advocate a tax policy that would redistribute the wealth of our country.

While bashing much needed tax cuts proposed by the Bush administration, this organization seeks to turn the taxing authority of our government into a welfare program for those who do not pay any income taxes. Their spokesman, Rev Dr Bob Edgar, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, recently stated "There is no budget surplus if there are still people living in poverty."

The federal surplus that currently exists is a reflection of the fact that we have been overtaxed. Fortunately, we now have an honorable President who wants to return this money to the taxpayer.

It is well recognized that our federal government is far too costly and inefficient. In most households today, both spouses are required to work just to make ends meet. The primary catalyst for this condition is the exorbitant taxes we are forced to pay at all levels of government. The expense of maintaining our bloated federal government forces both parents into the work force and directly contributes to the breakdown of the American family.

Unfortunately, the United Methodist Church is well represented in the "Religious Community for Responsible Tax Policy." Methodist leaders include Bishop Melvin G. Talbert, Ecumenical Officer, Council of Bishops; James E. Winkler, General Secretary, General Board of Church and Society; and Lois Dauway, Assistant General Secretary, Section of Christian Responsibility, Women's Division. All of these people have a long record of actively supporting leftist causes.

While loving outreach to the elderly, the disabled and the poor is definitely the work of the church, this does not mean that the church should look to the government as a panacea for the solution of our social ills. Have we forgotten the cost and disastrous results of the Great Society? Why does this newly formed group want to put a new dress on a proven disaster? Do they need to be reminded that one of the basic tenets of communism is the redistribution of wealth? "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" is still being actively enforced in Red China and Cuba.

Do United Methodists want their apportionment dollars to support the misguided efforts of Ms. Dauway and Messers Talbert and Winkler? I think not.

If these people really want to help the poor, why not begin using the $20 million "surplus" of the General Board of Church and Society and the $400 million "surplus" of the General Board of Global Missions? This might take some of the hypocrisy out of a possible solution.


Charles East Houston, Texas

editor's note:  Don't forget the over 100-150 million dollar surplus for the UMW. And, they don't even have a single Gospel mission outreach!

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