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Texas UM Seminary Promotes Anti-Christian, Pro-pagan Scholar To Laity

From: John Miles smiles@ipa.net
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2001 9:30 AM 
To: smiles@ipa.net 
Subject: laity week

Dear Friends,

Last week I did not write. I was sick for several days and just had no energy. I also want to apologize for some misinformation about Marcus Borg. I said that he was speaking at Ministers Week at Perkins. Actually, he is the key note speaker for Perkins Laity Week. For me, that seems worse than having him at Ministers week.

In the advertisements for laity week is this notice:

"The desire of knowledge is not variable, but constant in every rational creature. And it is insatiable." John Wesley

"If your desire for knowledge and love of God is insatiable, Laity week can feed your soul. Join in courses, lectures, and discussions about the Bible, theology, and ministry with leading scholars and ministers."

"Find answers. Discover new questions. Renew power for your ministry."

How could any Christian think that Marcus Borg can renew a love for God or power for ministry? Borg has spent his whole career deconstructing the power of Christ and a personal loving God. How long will our seminaries celebrate unbelief and honor those who reject Christ?

One thing for sure, any church that loads up a van full of on fire laity to get new power for ministry at Perkins is going to be sorely disappointed this year.

Your Brother,

John Miles


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