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Untimely Death Of Bishop May Cause Reconsideration Of Pro-homosexuality Replacement In South

Special session of Jurisdictional Conference
will be held February 26-28

The Advocate

COLUMBIA - A special session of the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference will be held from Feb. 26-28 to elect a new bishop.

According to information obtained by The Advocate, the SEJ College of Bishops has decided to call a special session of the SEJ Conference to elect a new bishop to fill the seat left vacant by the Dec. 7 death of Bishop Cornelius L. Henderson, leader of the church's Florida Area.

The conference will be held at the United Methodist facilities at Lake Junaluska, N.C. The conference will be held to elect a bishop and reappoint bishops. No other business will be discussed.

Under church law, the unexpired term of a bishop can be filled by a retired bishop upon being appointed by the jurisdictional College of Bishops and approved by the Council of Bishops. If there are more than two years left in the term, the College of Bishops may call a special session to elect a new bishop.

In a special session, a newly elected bishop won't necessarily go to Florida. Under church rules, all bishop appointments will be on the table.

Delegates to a called Jurisdictional Conference will be the same as those elected by annual conferences to the most recent jurisdictional conference held at Lake Junaluska, N.C., last summer.

South Carolina's endorsed episcopal candidate and Conference Council on Ministries Director the Rev. Dr. L. Charles Johnson Sr. has received the endoresement of the SEJ Black Methodists for Church Renewal.

Two other S.C. Conference preachers were also in the running for the episcopacy at Jurisdictional Conference 2000 &endash; the Rev. Dr. William H. Willimon, the dean of the chapel at Duke University, and the Rev. Susan T. Henry-Crowe, dean of the chapel at Emory University.

Retired Bishop J. Lloyd Knox is serving as the acting head of the Florida Annual Conference.

Source: South Caroline Advocate On-line

Susan T. Henry-Crowe is a member of the pro-homosexuality Reconciling Church Movement.

Reconciling-Welcoming Search Form Results:

Name City State Id
Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe Atlanta GA 3905

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