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UM Bishop Sprague Leads Alliance Preaching Homosexual Doctrines Contrary To Church

From the Reconciling Ministries Network

Bishop Sprague to Address Clergy Alliance

Bishop C. Joseph Sprague, bishop of the Northern Illinois Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, will address members of the Clergy Alliance on April 16, 2002 in Chicago.

A bishop-turned-activist, Bishop Sprague engaged in civil disobedience at the General Conference 2000 in Cleveland, joining protesters who were seeking to overturn the denomination's anti-gay policies. Sprague was arrested twice during the 10-day session.

Bishop Sprague will provide an analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing those who support the full inclusion of lesbians and gay men in The UMC.

The Clergy Alliance is composed of persons called to ordained ministry (including seminarians and those called to ordained ministry but unable to serve because of sexual orientation restrictions) within The United Methodist Church who summon the church to a deeper level of spiritual and theological integrity in relationship to persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities and their full inclusion in all aspects of the church's life.

The network is dedicated to active forms of teaching, organizing, strategizing, resistance, and support for one another to help the church become more faithful to the radical love of Christ.

The Clergy Alliance will meet in Chicago April 16-17, 2002. Following Bishop Sprague's address, members will work in one of the four C.A. pods: Reform, Radical Obedience, Theology, and Church Within a Church. There will also be time to renew ourselves through worship and prayer.

The meeting will be held at the International Conference Center at 4750 N. Sheridan Rd. (312.769.6363), which will also provide us with room and board. Our time together will begin registration at 9am Tuesday morning April 16 (meeting to begin at 10am) and conclude by 4pm Wednesday, April 17.

Directions to the conference center are available on-line at http://www.rmnetwork.org/flashnet/fn020213.phtml

Jenn at the RMN office will be handling registration. Please send her the following information:

Your name Address Phone Email

You will make your own housing arrangements - OR - Nights housing needed at the center: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday Type of lodging desired: Single room ($35/night) Double room ($28) Lower Bunk Bed ($24) Any bunk ($13) Bunk beds are in large dormitory rooms. Single and double rooms are limited and will be reserved on a first-come basis. There are no private washrooms.

Meals required

(We need to know, for each day, what meals will you be taking at the center. The food there is delicious.)
Monday breakfast ($5) lunch ($6) dinner ($7)
Tuesday breakfast/lunch/dinner
Wednesday breakfast/lunch/dinner

Your cost will be dependent upon your choices! Please email your request to Jenn at the RMN office jenn@RMNetwork.org.

In addition to room and meal fees, there is a $30 registration fee, to cover other expenses related to our meeting.

We hope you can join us as we continue in the struggle for justice for all of God's children.

For more information, contact Clergy Alliance co-chairs:
Don Fado: donfado@pacbell.net
Karen Oliveto: kawen@aol.com


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