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UM General Agency For Ordained Ministry Director Who Performed Same-Sex Union Responds To UMAction Letter Noting Pro-homosexuality Bias Of Perspective Ministers Conference


From: Luther D. Herche lherche@ird-renew.org
To: 'John Warrener' jwarrene@surfsouth.com
Sent: Friday, September 22, 2000 9:50 AM
Subject: Letter from Mary Ann Moman

Dear Mr. Warrener,

Below is the letter sent to Mark Tooley from Mary Ann Moman*.

Luther Dietrich Herche
Research Assistant IRD


* Mary Ann Moman is currently the Associate General Secretary of the Division of Ordained Ministry at the Board of Higher Education.


Mary Ann Moman's Response:
Dear Mr. Tooley,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the leadership of Exploration 2000. The Division of Ordained Ministry appreciates and encourages feedback on our programs. It is our desire to represent the whole church in the events that we plan.

Leadership for Exploration 2000 not only includes plenary speakers, but workshop leaders. It is my understanding that the planning team took into consideration the whole event, not just one part in their efforts to be inclusive of the entire church. Leadership for the event was selected on the basis of ability to speak clearly to young people about God's call to Christian ministry, as well as to represent the diversity of the United Methodist Church (racial, cultural, theological). It is our prayer that many young people will respond to God's call to them through the many voices they hear in Dallas.


Mary Ann Moman
Associate General Secretary
Division of Ordained Ministry

Associated Press News Report
Of Mary Ann Moman's Officiating Same Sex Union Ceremony

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A church trial on whether a minister violated Methodist law by performing a lesbian marriage will create problems of its own, said the retired Indiana bishop who will preside over the case.

Bishop Leroy C. Hodapp of Evansville is presiding over the church trial that began Wednesday in Kearny, Neb. He expected it to last four days.

At issue is whether the Rev. Jimmy Creech of Omaha disobeyed Methodist order and discipline last September when he presided over a commitment ceremony between two women in his church sanctuary.

Hodapp, 74, has presided over seven other church trials, but isn't a fan of them...

....Hodapp dealt with a similar case in 1992 two weeks before he was to retire as bishop. A minister, the Rev. Mary Ann Moman, blessed the union of two gay men in the sanctuary of an Indianapolis church as four other clergy looked on.

—03/11/1998 Associated Press Newswires 1998


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP)..."I'm terribly disappointed that this one issue came to the surface and made the difference for Ilona," said her supervisor, Bishop Judith Craig, on Friday....

..."There was no liturgy of wedding," said the Rev. Mary Ann Moman, co- pastor of the Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, where the ceremony took place. "There were no vows of any kind."

The service consisted mainly of a standard communion liturgy and five short sermons by the five clerics.

But the Rev. Wade Compton of the Chapel Hill United Methodist Church in Indianapolis was outraged, saying the ceremony "condoned what our church has said is incompatible with Christian teaching.

Compton, along with some friends, sneaked into the ceremony and videotaped parts of it.

The four other clergy involved remain in their positions.

—08/30/1992 The Courier-Journal Louisville, KY INDIANA 04B 1992

Mary Ann Moman is currently the Associate General Secretary of the Division of Ordained Ministry at the Board of Higher Education

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