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Can these dry bones live? - The Holy Spirit Visits UM's in Eastern PA

Dear Friends;

Thought you might enjoy a report of the Holy Spirit moving among United Methodist folk.  I keep asking myself what is in the heart of God concerning the people called Methodists.  Can these dry bones live?  Will the river of revival sweep over the UMC?


Source: Gary Moore [], Tuesday, September 29, 1998 6:48 AM, To:        ARM Board and Council members

Report/Eastern PA Renewal Conference

ARM Board & Council

Here is a report of the Eastern PA Holy Spirit Conference from an "outsider" to the UMC.  There were more than 200 adults and about 35 teenagers at Pine Brook Bible Camp for refreshing and renewal by the power of the Holy Spirit.  It was an awesome weekend with the Holy Spirit moving in great power...Jesus was present with the power to heal and the grace to forgive.  We prayed with people until nearly 1am after the Saturday night service.

Keep running the race!


Eastern PA Renewal Conference

This past weekend was such a blessed time.  Seeing all those United Methodists who are hungering and thirsting for God's move within the Methodist church was an experience.  They are "up against" a lot, because the way their fellowship works, they do EVERYTHING (practically) through committees and votes!

However, the LORD isn't standing by and letting these hungry and seeking hearts go empty.  He is coming IN SPITE of the denominational limitations. In fact, on Friday night, the Bishop of the Eastern PA and Peninsula-Delaware Conferences spoke. This man is ON FIRE for God!!!  What an awesome thing that God has placed him in that position in the UM church in this region!  He is Bishop Peter Weaver, and we should pray for him and all that God is desiring to do through him.

I heard, OVER and OVER again, UM pastors expressing how they have wanted to leave the UM church for years, but the Lord would not allow them to.  My guess is that the Lord has plans to take over and restore the original roots of the Methodist Church that was borne through the fire that burned in Wesley's heart.  Let's pray for this denomination!

Another speaker was Gary Moore, executive Director of Aldersgate Renewal Ministries, an international ministry headquartered in TN. The WHOLE FOCUS of this ministry is to bring renewal and revival to the UM churches.  I was blessed beyond measure to hear him speak of seed-faith and the way that God "builds", and see the focus and understanding that the Lord has given him. One of the workshops that I attended was led by David Burke, UM Pastor of Rolling Hills UMC in Pipersville, PA who also has his own ministry called Enthusiastic Ministries.  His ministry focus appears to be the revitalizing of youth ministry within the UM churches!  In fact, I heard him echoing that which God has placed in my heart so often (about youth moving from pizza to prayer, and being equipped for vital ministry among their peers), that I wound up groaning, and he had to use me for an "object lesson", and explain to folks that I was an intercessor and this was what God had placed in my heart.  (I didn't even KNOW that I was making any noise.  Oh dear.) He shared with those in that workshop that what is needed is more intercession.

I had the opportunity to meet Frank Billman, from our network.  Frank is a real "brother" in the Lord...and FILLED with the love of Jesus!  His line for prayer was SO long, that I finally needed to go elsewhere!  His church in Northeast Philadelphia is sponsoring a Life in the Spirit weekend October 9 - 11.  (Call 215-673-2745 or email if interested.)

Let's all hold the United Methodists up in prayer as they seek MORE of what the Lord has for them!

Love in Jesus,


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